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Q Acoustics 2000 Series 2000C Speaker (1unit) Each
Our Price$299.00
Sale Price:$199.00
You save $100.00!

A centre channel speaker with twin 100mm bass drivers and a ferro-fluid high frequency unit to acoustically match and complement any of the 2000 Series. Removable rear port bungs mean it can deliver its outstanding, seamless performance whether it is bookshelf, stand mounted or wall mounted by using the 2000CB wall bracket.
Q Acoustics Q-AV System LCR 50 Speaker
List Price:$619.00
Our price$619.00
Sale Price:$250.00
You save $369.00!

Uniquely, the Q-AV front left, centre and right channel speakers (LCR) fit any flat-screen television (from 37" to 50" screen size, or 50" to 65" depending on LCR Speaker type). The LCR speakers are fitted to a telescopic frame*, which can also be attached to the Q Acoustics universal table stand, floor stand or cantilever wall bracket. The frame extends or contracts until the LCR speaker perfectly matches the width of the television. The frame also adjusts back and forward, up and down, until it again matches the television. When all the adjustments are made, the speaker "disappears" because it simply looks as if it is an original part of the TV - even the Q Acoustics badge is magnetic, for easy removal.

The LCR speaker can either be mounted direct to the wall (bracket supplied as standard), or for ultimate flexibility, attached to the optional rotating table stand, floor stand or cantilever bracket.

Q-AV has the first LCR speaker that rotates with your screen (when used with either stand or the cantilever bracket) to optimise home cinema performance. This, along with the ultra-wide dispersion of the BMR speakers, provides high quality sound wherever you are sitting.

Connect Q-AV LCR 50 to your AV receiver to enjoy multi channel audio
Q Acoustics 2000 Series 2020 Bookshelf Speakers graphite
Our Price$399.00
Sale Price:$299.00
You save $100.00!

A medium sized bookshelf design that exudes quality. The beautifully finished, low resonance cabinet encapsulates the 25mm ferro-fluid cooled tweeter and precision engineered 125mm bass driver to produce a speaker with extended bass, an open mid-range, astonishing transient response and exceptional high frequency clarity. The 2000ST or 2000WB allow the 2020 to be stand or wall mounted.
ADVANCE ACOUSTIC MAP-101 Integrated Amplifier
Suggested Retail Price$649.00
Sale Price:$399.00
You save $250.00!

ADVANCE ACOUSTIC MAP-101 Integrated Amplifier

An affordable integrated amplifier that blends European styling and audiophile-type construction.
The MAP-101 represents remarkable value, placing the emphasis on sound quality and ease of use.
Gold-plated inputs, WBT speaker terminals, a large toroidal transformer, high-end output transistors
and even a very quiet phono stage, all wrapped in a metal chassis with a thick front metal faceplate.
The MAP-101 has earned high praise from audiophiles on a budget, delivering excelllent dynamics and
a superior stereo image.
Suggested Retail Price$599.00
Sale Price:$399.00
You save $200.00!

A perfect match for the MAP-101 integrated amplifier, the MCD-200 performs well above its modest
price. Capable of reading multiple formats, it incorporates dual 24-bit/192 kHz converters, a partitioned
power supply and an isolated suspended transport, all wrapped in a metal chassis and a thick metal faceplate.
Smooth and detailed highs, dynamic punch and excellent stereo imaging, a truly musical performer.
The result...unparalled sonics in its category.
Q Acoustics 2000 Series 2070S Subwoofer (1 Unit) Each
Our price$599.00
Sale Price:$499.00
You save $100.00!

Unusual at its price level, the Model 2070S subwoofer is a completely DSP (Digital Signal Processing) driven system with highly efficient class D amplification. However this has meant we have been able to achieve an advanced level of functionality, as well as optimising the sonic performance, by undertaking all filtering and limiting completely in the digital domain. An example is the Speaker Type function switch, which alters the characteristic of the subwoofer's frequency response at the crossover point. This allows the subwoofer to be optimised for use with either ported speakers, like the rest of the Q Acoustics range, or infinite baffle models.
ADVANCE ACOUSTIC MAP-105 Integrated Amplifier
Suggested Retail Price$999.00
Sale Price:$699.00
You save $300.00!

Incorporating dual toroidal transformers in a dual-mono design, the MAP-105 represents amazing value in its
price class. With 75 watts of high-current power, an ultra-rigid metal chassis and high power output transistors,
the 105 reproduces music with both detail and dynamics. Add in gold-plated connectors, an ultra-quiet phono
stage and isolation spikes, and this amplifier truly follows in the Advance Acoustic tradition of offering great
sounding components at reasonable prices.
Q Acoustics 2000 Series 2050 Floorstanding Speakers
Our Price$1,099.00
Sale Price:$799.00
You save $300.00!

Visually striking in the new Piano Black high gloss finish, the 2050, the exquisitely proportioned flagship of the 2000 Series, is both sonically and aesthetically enhanced by its integral steel plinth with 'top configurable' floor spikes. Twin 165mm drivers deliver exceptional bass extension, midrange openness, clarity and smooth detailed high frequencies. They are ideal for both music and high energy movies. The overall sonic performance of this outstanding loudspeaker belies its affordable price
Myryad Z114 CD Player
Suggested Retail Price$1,290.00
Sale Price:$999.00
You save $291.00!

As you would expect, everything about Z-Series sounds as good as it looks. Exemplifying all that's best about Myryad's conscientious approach to acoustic engineering: seven separately regulated power supplies, enhanced DAC decoupling and generous reservoir capacitors deliver superior bass clarity and impact, ultra-wide soundstaging and brilliant mid-range focus and detail, lithe and sleek to look at, crisp and clean to listen to. Pure performance
Quadral Platinum M4 Tower Speakers white
Suggested Retail Price$3,599.00
Sale Price:$2,500.00
You save $1,099.00!

Incredible dynamics, crystal-clear highs and incredible bass, wrapped within a very unique speaker. In designing
the new RiCom-M tweeter, Quadral's engineers have created a high frequency driver capable of reproducing
subtle details while silmultaneously generating a wide and stable soundfield. And the advanced titanium
woofers, mated to large magnet structures and utilizing a bass-reflex/pressure chamber configuration, produce
amazingly deep and controlled bass
All this advanced technology wrapped in a superbly finished gloss cabinet with a magnetic grille.