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Q Acoustics 3000 Wall Bracket (1 unit)
Our Price:$80.00

The 3000WB Wall Bracket is a unique ‘Tilt and Turn’ loudspeaker bracket. It’s adjusted via a single Allen bolt and allows the 3010, 3020 and 3090C models to be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways.

For a perfect visual finish, each bracket comes complete with both black and white bottom covers. It’s simple to use, offers flexible positioning and looks great. There is only one wall mount per sku. You need to purchase this sku twice to be able to mount a pair of speakers

Q Acoustics 3000 Series 3000ST Speaker Stand
Our Price$329.00

The 3000ST speaker stand is designed specifically for the 3010 and 3020 loudspeakers. Precision laser-cut steel construction and acoustic damping foam inserts ensure quality and performance to complement the loudspeakers. Q Acoustics' unique spike adjustment means spikes can be adjusted from the top, making speaker levelling simple without the need for visible fixings or obtrusive lock-nuts.
Q Acoustics 3010 Compact Bookshelf / Standmount Speaker
Our Price:$370.00

This 'Ultra Compact' bookshelf speaker sets new standards for sonic performance in its class. It’s all new. New 3000 Series, '2 in 1' Concentric Ring Dome tweeter, new Aramid Fibre/Paper cones for the 100mm bass unit, uprated 'audiophile' crossover components and stronger, lower resonance cabinet.

All these factors combine to make a make an affordable, small loudspeaker of unparalleled quality and value.

The new 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema use and is an ideal match for the 3090C centre speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010 can also be stand or wall mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand or 3000WB wall bracket. This Sku is for the Q Acoustics 3010 Compact Bookshelf (QA3010) only. Other items mentioned are sold separately.

Vincent PHO 8
Our Price:$469.00

Order is half the battle. Only a phono preamplifier that is properly configured can ensure low-noise transmission of record player signals.

The selection of high-quality components and the complex configuration of the external power unit ensure a perfect sound quality.

Q Acoustics 3020 Bookshelf / Standmount Speaker
Our Price:$495.00

Like its smaller sibling, the medium sized 3020 bookshelf model benefits from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion, new 3000 Series Concentric Ring Dome tweeter; uprated ‘audiophile’ crossover and improved low resonance cabinet. In addition, it boasts a larger 125mm drive unit, with the new Aramid Fibre/Paper cone material. This larger driver delivers an extended bass response with fast dynamics, wonderfully open, realistic midrange and an extraordinary ‘being there’ three dimensional soundstage.

The new 3020 is the natural choice for music lovers who want to experience ‘full performance’, superb quality sound in small and medium sized rooms.

The 3000ST or 3000WB allow the 3020 to be stand or wall mounted. This Sku is for the Q Acoustics 3020 Medium Bookshelf (QA3020) only. Other items mentioned are sold separately.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stands (Speakers not included)
Our Price$499.00

  • Concept 20 Speaker Stands
  • White High Gloss
  • GelcoreTM construction

  • Speakers sold separately
    ADVANCE ACOUSTIC X-I60 Integrated Amplifier
    Suggested Retail Price$650.00

    The integrated amplifier X-i60 is the first model of the new X-Line range. Its sober and pure cosmetics gives it a luxurious and timeless touch.

    Technically new and decidedly audiophile design, the integrated amplifier X-i60 will delight for budget conscious music lovers wanting to maximise their investment.

    Its power of 2 x 60 Watts RMS into 8 Ohms. Its « Hi Bias » function will allow it to supply easily most of the loudspeakers found on the market.

    Offering a DAC, and various analog inputs, the X-i60 will enable to meet the consumers demand.

    Its complete remote control device will make it easier to use.

    Vincent SA-31 black
    Our Price:$799.00
    Sale Price:$749.00
    You save $50.00!

    A combination of valve sound and high transistor performance. The SA-31 preamplifier works with highly precise ALPS potentiometers. The amplifier connections for the right and left channels are separate in order to achieve a low noise voltage distance. The output amplifier is designed with Class A technology. Inputs and outputs are optimised.
    Q Acoustics Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers
    Our Price$770.00

    The ‘Concept 20’ is a special loudspeaker which goes beyond anything
    that Q Acoustics has achieved before. It’s a beautifully styled product
    which we confidently believe provides a level of sonic performance
    previously thought impossible at its price point.

    The Concept 20 loudspeaker cabinet incorporates ‘Gelcore
    In effect a ‘cabinet within a cabinet’, with a special resonancecancelling
    compound adhering between the inner and outer shells. This
    cabinet is both rigid and exhibits extremely low resonance. The latter
    is achieved through the resonance-cancelling compound absorbing the
    kinetic energy (movement) generated within the cabinet by the drive
    units, then dispersing it by converting it into heat.
    Vincent PHO 700 black
    Our Price:$799.00

    The basis for this is based on a PHO-700 complex additional power supply, which is already used in the PHO-8. We have deliberately omitted an AC adapter and specially designed and developed a power supply. This is connected using a 9-pin DIN cable to the phono section. The voltage is again specially prepared in the power supply, so that ripple and hum of the electricity network play no role and the phono section is supplied with "clean power".

    The PHO-700 presents itself in the same dimensions as the power supply. However, is due to the tube lines, combined with the known window which gives a free view to the tube. In the signal path a 12AU7 tube is used as a dual triode, which takes direct influence on the sound. High-quality components (e.g. from Nichicon or Wima) improve the parameters of noise ratio and amplification again. Of course, the PHO-700 is switchable via a switch on the rear panel for MM and MC cartridges.