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Aurum Megan VIII Bookshelf Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$2,390.00
Not for Online Sales

A compact speaker with stature. With a noble exterior of genuine wood and the finest internal technology.
The woofers use the tried-and-true quadral ALTIMA® membrane, and the high tones are handled by the newly developed, swift-footed ribbon tweeter.
The AURUM MEGAN VIII’s sophisticated sound brings even the most jaded ears to attention. And its intricate frequency separating filter helps it work well with the amplifier to achieve tonal balance and rich acoustic colour.
Thanks to the bass reflex principle, this little masterpiece is even convincing when it comes to low-tone dynamics. The AURUM MEGAN VIII brings the greatest possible musical enjoyment in the smallest possible space
Aurum C 3 CD player (with high gloss black side panels)
Our Price$2,950.00

The C3 doesn’t just look related to the top-of-the-line C5 CD player but shares some of its technical refinements. An intricate process allows the laser unit to calibrate itself. Continuous adjustment of focus tracking and EF balance ensures maximum readout precision — even years from now! A complex passive secondary filter separates the analogue and digital circuitry from each other. Therefore, sound information gets to the amplifier at the right time, with uncompromised authenticity.
Aurum A 3 (with high gloss black side panels)
Our Price$3,300.00

Unwanted troublemakers don’t stand a chance with the A3: Like the larger A5, it uses our innovative power filter, whose broadband characteristics make for outstanding specifications. This means that sound-diminishing imprecisions in the power grid don’t affect signal amplification. For the speakers, we have also emphasized decoupling and have integrated our amplifiers with newly developed passive output filters with special hand-wound coils. This high degree of separation from external influences brings music lovers fascinatingly detailed, dynamic sound experiences
Aurum A 5 (with high gloss black side panels)
Our Price$4,500.00

2 x 1 = A5. That’s our formula for unadulterated musical passion: Starting from a double mono design, with separate power feed, signal processing and amplification, our high-end integrated amplifiers are based on the full scientific spectrum of circuit technology resulting in an enjoyable, outstanding listening experience. We have placed great value on the symbiosis of extremely fine, graceful delivery paired with splendid strength and sound dynamics
Aurum Wotan VIII Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$5,590.00
Not for Online Sale

With its sleek figure and noble air, the AURUM WOTAN VIII gives an astoundingly musical performance. No fewer than three mid/bass drivers with tried-and-true quadral Altima® membranes lay a foundation of solid undertones with considerable dynamic reserves. And flawless reproduction of overtones is one of the quadral ribbon tweeter’s strengths.

Intricate frequency separating filters and bi-wiring terminals with gold connectors, as well as choice genuine wood and piano varnished housings round out the image of this gem of sound.

Awarded with iF product design award 2010
Aurum Orkan VIII Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$6,390.00
Not for Online Sale

No one who is impressed by our AURUM TITAN, VULKAN and MONTAN technology, but has less space in the listening chamber or living room, needs to do without the superb characteristics of our premium upright speakers.Like the three larger models, quadral’s AURUM ORKAN VIII intricately combines bass reflex and pressure-chamber technology for rich, clean bass. With a frequency range up to 65 kHz, it brings a radiant sheen to all DVD audio and SACD software and is based on innovative technologies like quadral’s ALTIMA® and ribbon tweeters.  
Intricate frequency separating filters and bi-wiring terminals with gold connectors round out the technical profile of this gem of sound.
For its size, its performance capabilities are incredible: a 160-watt nominal capacity and 250 watts of music muscle leave power to spare amidst high dynamics. The AURUM ORKAN VIII makes the case for its unique character as either a stereo unit or a front speaker in a multi-channel system.

Aurum Montan VIII Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$9,690.00
Not for Online Sale

The MONTAN VIII gets its remarkable musical talent from the DNA of the TITAN VII and its legendary forerunners. HANDMADE IN GERMANY

This includes, among other things, its pressure-chamber/reflex design for deep, clean, powerful bass; the refined ALTIMA® membranes of the large-format, exceptionally sound-neutral woofers and midranges; and a ribbon tweeter based on the magnetostatic principle with a feather-light membrane that gives overtones a wondrous sparkle. Exceedingly strong drive magnets in every chassis optimize the efficiency factor and precision detail. With all these, select components on the frequency separating filter, as well as premium Real Cable® inner wiring, exploit every possibility for sound improvement.

The modern casing design brings a stylish accent to any household atmosphere and comes in high-gloss premium black or white. Additionally, we offer 3 genuine wood variations with a premium finish. Upon request, you can also get the MONTAN VIII in more than 180 custom colours.

The price of the MONTAN VIII includes a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Self-confidence like that can come only from a brand-name manufacturer with decades of experience in building top-quality speakers
Aurum Vulkan VIII R Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$14,990.00
Not for Online Sale

Like the TITAN, the VULKAN VIII R has a pressure-chamber/reflex design for contoured basses that are deep, clear and punchy. Perfectly integrated in this way, the woofers work with power and precision thanks to especially strong ALTIMA® membranes. The terrific new high-range ribbon tweeter — technically identical to the one in the Titan — can bring across every impulse with incredible speed. Select components on the frequency separating filter and premium Real Cable® inner cabling underscore the high quality standards.

Aurum Titan VIII Speaker (Pair) standard color
Our Price:$25,990.00
Not for Online Sale

The TITAN VIII, which is accomplished in both style and tone, is now thrilling experts as well as HiFi experts, who are heaping praise on the eight generation of our TITAN range. The new TITAN speakers have attained an overwhelming high-end platform with previously unobtainable clarity, detail and acoustic colours together with sheer, unthinkable dynamics and unequalled sovereignty. Its musical intensity and fervour are both extraordinary and poignant.