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Vincent PHO 700 black
Vincent PHO 700 black
Our Price:$799.00

The basis for this is based on a PHO-700 complex additional power supply, which is already used in the PHO-8. We have deliberately omitted an AC adapter and specially designed and developed a power supply. This is connected using a 9-pin DIN cable to the phono section. The voltage is again specially prepared in the power supply, so that ripple and hum of the electricity network play no role and the phono section is supplied with "clean power".

The PHO-700 presents itself in the same dimensions as the power supply. However, is due to the tube lines, combined with the known window which gives a free view to the tube. In the signal path a 12AU7 tube is used as a dual triode, which takes direct influence on the sound. High-quality components (e.g. from Nichicon or Wima) improve the parameters of noise ratio and amplification again. Of course, the PHO-700 is switchable via a switch on the rear panel for MM and MC cartridges.

Vincent KHV-1 Headphone Amplifier black
Vincent KHV-1 Headphone Amplifier black
Our price$1,200.00

With its two 12AX7 valves, when used as a headphone amplifier, it produces the warm, soft yet precise sound that music-lovers appreciate so much. It manages the bridging as a preamplifier. Here it is an ideal addition to the SP-996 and SP-997 monos. Now there is a small, space-saving stereo unit for harmonious, open sounds
SV-237Mk Hybrid Stereo Integrated Amplifier
SV-237Mk Hybrid Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Our Price:$2,799.00

Replaced... The most successful Vincent amplifier of all time

Under the leadership of Frank Blöhbaum, who is the developer of the Thorens electronics and the Auto-Bias control of the T.A.C. tube amplifiers, the circuit design was completely revised and improved. Thus, in the output stage section a phase reserve of 90° was reached by making various changes. This phase reserve provides a much better transient response to complex loads (loudspeakers).

Because the amplifier always works virtually during normal operation in state of the transient oscillation - Music represents transient pulses – the improvements can be heard elementary. Musicality and sound are much better than its predecessor. Even the most difficult loudspeakers can be powered easily. The amplifier always dominates the complex load (loudspeaker) without sounding strained.

The preamplifier section was fitted in the second stage with 6N1P tubes. The greater voltage level provides better signal stability. This results in a higher spectral purity of the signal which causes a further improvement in fine detail in the sound. Here, the tube-like musicality is maintained and an analytical coldness never comes in the sound. Another advantage of the improved circuit design is a greatly improved signal to noise ratio. It results in an excellent playback quality also on high efficiency speakers such as the Impulse series of Dynavox: Noise was once. Enjoy explosive live performance as a result of excellent dynamics.
Our Price:$3,000.00

All In – Analog Out...

For almost over one century the Vincent CD-S6 MK was the showcasemodel of the Vincent CD series. Hardly any other competing models couldhold a candle to this device in this price class. In order to take this technical development into account, the time has comenow to present a successor: With the CD-S7 DAC, the virtues of the CD-S6 MK have been transferred and supplemented through the possibilityof using the device as DAC in addition.

Now digital signals with the help of optical, coaxial or USB-port could be introduced, in order to profit from the outstanding analogue signal proces-sing of the CD-S7 DAC further. Thanks to the D/A-converter PCM1796, yourdigital signal sources will now reach approximately the sound quality of a CD. The analogous signal will be fully-balanced output and is handled through thecircuit of the CD-S7 DAC also further on, in such a manner in which each ofthe 4 signal lines are furnished with their own power filters and amplifiers. As a result, the sound will be better and the dynamic range is increased.

In order to read out the digital signals of a CD the Sanyou Chip DA11is used.The software for this has been developed on its own and stands for a secure reading of all the CD’s.However this complexity is relatively of less use, if the signal is not further processed well below. We use the Russian tubes of the type 6922 for this,through which the sound is benefitted enormously.The transparency and the spatiality become clear afterthe first tone.Also the power supply has been improved. For the supplyof the power, a toroidal transformer has been used. In thepower supply, a 6Z4 as well as a 12AX7 tube ensure thesupply of the necessary voltages.At the important places, quality components of well-knownmanufacturers are used. This goes without saying for so muchof effort.